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I am an Aerospace Engineer with a Bachelors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in my field, currently working as a flight test engineer at Boeing in St Louis. I am hoping to begin my Masters at University of Illinois in the Fall of 2019 with a focus on high speed aerodynamics and structural design. I'm hoping that the experience in flight test and more in-depth studies will help me build my intuition so that I am able to design based on the reality of today.


Aerospace Engineer


Conceptual Design

High Speed Aerodynamics

Conceptual Design

I first experienced conceptual design during my senior design project. The number of different factors that needed to be accounted for paired with the tight deadlines produced an environment where I felt I really thrived. Since then I have taken to reading up on aircraft design. Currently I am reading through Raymer's book on Aircraft Design while also reading through Aeronautics a Design Perspective by Brandt.


Recommended reading for conceptual design:

Ted Coleman's Jack Northrop and his flying wings

Ben Rich's Skunkworks

Supersonic Cruise Technology

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Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Aeronautics with a Business Administration Minor from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Defense Aircraft Design